Paul on Michael Parkinson

Michael Parkinson and Paul sat at a table
19 August 2023

I first met Michael Parkinson in Liverpool when he and his team came to see us at the Cavern Club. He was a very likeable guy and we eventually did our first TV performances with Granada in Manchester, where Michael worked.

Through the years I got to know him more and more, and appeared on his chat show quite a few times. He was a pleasure to talk to and we always had fun. He appeared on the front cover of Band on the Run as one of the escaping convicts in the title song. He was very knowledgeable about many subjects and a keen sports-lover.

'Band On The Run' Album Sleeve

I will miss him personally, as a good friend. I send all my love to his family and friends. Cheers Michael, you’re a great guy okay!

Paul x