Paul Records Meat Free Monday Video Message For Schools

24 June 2012

Paul McCartney has recorded an exclusive message for schools, explaining the goals of the campaign and the importance of reducing the amount of meat we eat.

The eight-minute video was shown over the weekend at The Sunday Times Festival of Education and is now available on the Meat Free Monday YouTube channel. Or scroll down to watch it below.

Describing Meat Free Monday as an “accessible idea that it isn’t that difficult to do”, Paul explains his passion for the campaign and talks about the importance of children to its success.

“We’re all aware about climate change and that something has to be done about it,” he says. “Certainly teachers know about it, politicians know about it, and kids know about it, because it’s their world that they’re going to inherit. I don’t think they like the idea that we the grown-ups are going to mess it up.”

Meat Free Monday is already a firm favourite with many schools in the UK, whose canteens are going meat-free at the start of the week to improve the health of pupils and teach them about the global impact of their food choices.

Judging by its success in these few schools, Paul believes that it is an idea that can grab the attention of children across the world.

“Younger people particularly [have said], ‘We really love this idea, because it gives us some way of helping to save our future, helping to save this planet and helping to avoid the catastrophes that climate change could cause’,” he adds.

“It’s the kids themselves that give us hope for the future.”