Paul remembers Scotty Moore

Paul remembers Scotty Moore
30 June 2016

"Dear Scotty Moore died this week. When we were growing up in Liverpool the sound of Scotty’s guitar on early Elvis records was nothing short of miraculous. It sounded to us like nothing we’d ever heard before and the gods in Valhalla couldn't have made a better sound. His technical skills, mixed with his sometime wild abandon, set the perfect tone for Elvis’s vocals.

"I was lucky enough to record with him and D.J. Fontana for a Sun Records tribute record that Ahmet Ertegun put together and Scotty’s quiet manner and subtle sense of humour made the occasion very special for a fan like me. I saw him a few more times and spoke to him on the phone and he never ceased to be the hero he had been in my youth.

"Rest in peace Scotty, one of the great gods of the guitar."

- Paul