Paul Voices New Sound Stickers On LINE!

22 April 2015

Paul first released exclusive stickers on the free call and messaging app LINE back in October 2013, followed by a second set of 40 stickers to coincide with the U.S. leg of his ‘Out There’ tour in 2014.

Today, to celebrate Paul getting back ‘Out There’ in Japan, we are excited to announce the launch of a brand new set of Sound Stickers!

A few weeks ago, Paul recorded a variety of phrases exclusively for LINE in both English and Japanese before jetting off for tour rehearsals in L.A. These recordings have been combined with 24 illustrated stickers designed to convey a wide range of daily expressions, which are a great and fun new way to chat with your friends.

The stickers can be used in your LINE messenger conversations to say ‘Hello’, ‘Hurry Up’, ‘Wonderful’ ‘Let’s Do It!’... plus many more!

Check out a few stickers below: (Please note the audio will only work within the LINE app)

Paul is the first international artist to launch these cartoon-style Sound Stickers - titled ‘Chat with Paul McCartney’ – and he told us after seeing them for the first time he thought they were “Great fun” and that “They rock!”

Fans can purchase the stickers worldwide via the in-app Sticker shop HERE and through the LINE store HERE

PS: Don’t forget to check out Paul’s new GACHA range in his LINE PLAY room!