Sticking Out of My Back Pocket: All the Best

Playlist cover featuring a photo of Paul recording McCartney III at the microphone stand. Text overlayed for 'Sticking Out of My Back Pocket' January 2023

A very happy new year from us all here at We hope you've all had a 'Wonderful Christmastime' and are ready to rock’n’roll in 2023, because we have the perfect playlist for shaking off those January blues.   

Regular visitors to the website will know that we have been running a special feature titled 'Sticking Out of My Back Pocket' (a lyrical reference from Tug of War’s ‘Ballroom Dancing’)  for quite some time, taking a dive into Paul's catalogue to rediscover some of his deeper cuts. In January 2020, the feature got a revamp as we moved into curated monthly Spotify playlists, each month sharing a new themed selection of Paul's songs, mixing chart-topping classics with fan-favourite hidden gems. From Love songs to classical compositions and tracks about travelling, explore all playlists of the 'Ever Present Past' on! 

Whether you are 'Looking for Changes' in 2023 or staying 'Home Tonight', we decided to take a trip down memory lane and create a compilation of previous editions - our very own All the Best! Listen to this month's medley of Sticking Out of My Back Pocket playlist highlights.  

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