Sticking Out Of My Back Pocket: Back in Brazil (and Australia, and Mexico!)

Tour poster for 'Got Back' tour 2023 featuring Paul wearing a cloud motif shirt, and the title 'Sticking Out Of My Back Pocket'

When Paul gives us the heads up that he has something ‘Coming Up’, here at, we thrive on brainstorming secret clues and tantalising treasure hunts for fans. Do you remember when Egypt Station was on the horizon? We sent everyone on a wild chase by erasing his social media posts. There was also our cryptic triptych of Phillip Glass, Emma Stone, and Chuck Berry, alluding to Paul’s imminent Glastonbury announcement. Or did you manage spot our immersive 3D augmented reality dice, that we hid in the source code of during “Rockdown”? 

 When whispers that the GOT BACK Tour would be coming to Australia, Mexico, and Brazil later this year, we donned our thinking caps. How could we tease these shows? The answer lay subtly in snippets from Paul’s vast catalogue of songs. The enchanting 'Ode to a Koala Bear' hinted at the Australian leg, while 'Back in Brazil' was, unsurprisingly, the tell-tale clue for Brazil. And for our friends in Mexico? We alluded with the line from ‘Backseat of My Car'"the lazy lights are pretty, we may end up in Mexico City."  

Did you manage to piece together all the clues we sprinkled across Paul’s social media channels? 

With just 50 days and counting until Paul’s GOT BACK Tour hits the road, we've amped up the volume with September’s 'Sticking Out Of My Back Pocket' playlist.

Paul is embarking on his renowned Got Back tour spanning three continents later this year. Kicking things off in Adelaide, where The Beatles made a lasting impact in 1964 and Australian debut shows in Newcastle and the Gold Coast. 

Paul will ‘Get Back’ to Mexico City, performing at the iconic Foro Sol – his first Mexican show in six years. The tour will culminate 'Back in Brazil', where Paul is recognised as the best-selling international artist. The 2023 Got Back tour'sgrand finale is slated for the Maracanã, a landmark stadium where Paul previously made history, attracting a record-breaking crowd of 184,000 in 1991. 

 For a detailed look at tour dates and ticket info, visit the GOT BACK tour page.