Sticking Out of My Back Pocket: Fan Favourite February


The new month has arrived, bringing with it the latest edition of our much-loved "Sticking Out Of My Back Pocket" playlist on Spotify. After starting 2023 with the celebration of 'All The Best' of playlists, February was going to be a 'Struggle' - luckily, all it took was a little help from our friends...

Yes, this month we asked you - Paul's fans - to decide the featured tracks, by handing over the aux cord to Paul McCartney's Official Fan Group on Facebook for "Fan Favourite February." And what an incredible selection it's turned out to be, digging out hidden gems like 'Back On My Feet' and live tracks such as '1882 - Live in Berlin/1972' to share with the world!  

Make sure to listen to it on Spotify, and follow the playlist for next month's theme.

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