Sticking Out Of My Back Pocket – Paul Playing Instruments

photo of Paul playing bass for the 'Sticking Out Of My Back Pocket' playlist for October 2020

Before Paul sang and played bass guitar in The Beatles he started off on the trumpet, but do you know how many instruments he plays in total? Take a look at his songs over the years and you’ll find him playing everything from guitar, piano and drums, to banjo, cello, electric organ, sitar, melodica and even a washboard – the list goes on!

For this month’s ‘Sticking Out Of My Back Pocket’ playlist, we’re listening to songs that feature Paul playing all the instruments. Yes, that’s right, every single one! From ‘Confidante’, the self-proclaimed love song from Paul to his guitar on Egypt Station to the kooky cowbells and aerosol on ‘Oo You’ from his debut solo album McCartney, we’ve selected tracks that show as many weird, wonderful and rocking instruments as possible.

There’s only one song on this month’s playlist that features another musician - can you tell which one it is? We’ll give you a clue: listen out for the backing vocals…

Listen to the playlist here!

Have you ever played a washboard, an aerosol or an even stranger instrument? What’s your favourite track from this month’s playlist? Let us know in the comments!