Sticking Out Of My Back Pocket - Roadtripper

photo of Paul in the studio used for the 'Sticking Out Of My Back Pocket' playlist cover

So, you’re all set for your trip, ‘The Long and Winding Road’ ahead. You’ve planned your route for months, packed the car and you're ready to hit the highway. But there’s one vital element that makes any journey perfect: a top-tip road trip playlist, packed with songs to help make an amazing adventure and fulfilling your sense of ‘Wanderlust’.

Whether you’re driving down ‘Sixty Second Street’, or enjoying the trip from ‘The Back Seat of My Car’, has collated a list of some of Paul’s best road trip songs, ready to help get the adventure started. So, no matter if you prefer classics like ‘Band on The Run’, or something a little more NEW like ‘Road’, we’ve got you covered with the latest ‘Sticking Out Of My Back Pocket’.