Sticking Out Of My Back Pocket: ‘Souvenir'

Sticking Out Of My Back Pocket: ‘Souvenir

Previously, 'Sticking Out Of My Back Pocket' saw us take a listen to 'Warm And Beautiful', one of Paul’s favourites from the Wings album, At The Speed Of Sound. This week's slice (pun intended!) of the action comes from the Flaming Pie album: the cool and laid back 'Souvenir'.

The album Flaming Pie finds Paul trying not to "sweat it" with the creation of new music and returning to some of the fun from being in The Beatles, even to the point where the origin of the album's title comes from a punch line remembered by him and his fellow band mates. Paul explains: “John joked that the name Beatles came in a vision from a man on a flaming pie, coming unto us… you are Beatles with an A. I was riding with my missus, thinking of lyrics. Searching for a rhyme with 'sky'…'Bye'…'cry'…'pie'. The story came back I thought, 'Ooo, flaming pie.'”

'Souvenir' takes an easy and relaxed arrangement. Written during a Jamaican holiday in the January of 1995, Paul was anxious for the listener to experience the feel of his original demo, which played host to ambient sounds of a ringing telephone and tropical downpour. To bring that over to the final version the demo was laid into a multi-track tape as a guide for the studio recording and then each element of the original carefully replicated, which may explain some of the playfulness found within the track's influences. Paul characterised 'Souvenir' as having, _"_… A sort of Wilson Pickett, R&B number in mind with this. I could imagine some soul guy really getting to grips with it. It's a favourite of mine and I'm looking forward to some R&B singer doing it.”

'Souvenir' also messes around with production elements with its 78rpm-like coda, added later after Jeff Lynne and Paul saw co-engineer Jon Jacobs carrying a key-fob with a built in sound sampler. The end vocal effect was added using this.

Check out the full track below:

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