Updated: Pre-Sale Info / 'Out There' Japan Tour 2015

'Out There' Japan Tour 2015
26 February 2015


The ticket links for today's Osaka and Tokyo pre-sales are below:

Tuesday 21st April: Kyocera Dome, Osaka 
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General admission **- Click HERE!

Thursday 23rd April: Tokyo Dome, Tokyo
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General admission - Click HERE!**

Saturday 25th April: Tokyo Dome, Tokyo
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Monday 27th April: Tokyo Dome, Tokyo
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PaulMcCartney.com will be holding a pre-sale for Paul's forthcoming concerts in Osaka and Tokyo. The pre-sale will begin at 6pm (local / 9am GMT) on Thursday 26th February. To be eligible for these tickets, you need to be registered with PaulMcCartney.com by 4pm (local / 7am GMT) on Thursday 26th February. Register for PaulMcCartney.com by clicking HERE!

To purchase your pre-sale tickets, come to PaulMcCartney.com at 6pm (local / 9am GMT) on Thursday 26th February where you will be asked to enter your email address. IMPORTANT: Please ensure you enter the email address you have registered with Paul's website. Once your email address has been verified, you will be taken to the tickets page.

PaulMcCartney.comでは、いよいよ間近に迫ったポールの大阪公演および東京公演の先行予約を実施いたします。先行予約の開始時間は、現地時間2月26日(木)午後6時(GMT午前9時)となっております。先行予約の資格を得るには、現地時間2月26日(木)午後4時(GMT午前7時)までに、PaulMcCartney.comにて登録をお済ませください。PaulMcCartney.comで登録を行うには、こちらをクリックしてください → PMcSignUp




Tuesday 21st April: Kyocera Dome, Osaka 
Thursday 23rd April: Tokyo Dome, Tokyo 
Saturday 25th April: Tokyo Dome, Tokyo
Monday 27th April: Tokyo Dome, Tokyo

General Ticket Sales: 28th February, 10:00AM (local)

By the end of 2014 and 18 months since its launch, Paul’s incredible ‘Out There’ tour has been seen by almost two million people around the world. Paul and his band have performed a total of 63 shows in 11 different countries in venues of all different shapes and sizes. Each show on the tour has seen multi generational audiences from all different kinds of backgrounds come together to share in the incredible magic of a McCartney live show.

Last year for reasons beyond his control Paul was forced to cancel his Japanese tour dates. Today it is confirmed that Paul will bring his show back to Japan in April.

Speaking about the forthcoming shows Paul said:

“I can’t wait to get back to Japan for some more great nights of rock n’ roll and fun. We had such a great time on our trip in 2013 and we were so disappointed that we couldn’t perform last year. I want to thank my fans for all the lovely messages you sent me. Looking forward to seeing you all very soon.”

The 'Out There' tour features music from one of the best loved catalogues in popular music. Paul will perform songs that span his entire career - as a solo artist, member of Wings and of course as a Beatle.  The set list will also include material from Paul’s most recent studio album ‘NEW’, which was a global hit upon its release.

The McCartney live experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity; in just three hours some of the greatest moments from the last 50 years of music are relived; music which for many has shaped the very soundtrack of their lives. The last decade has seen Paul and his band perform in a staggeringly impressive range of venues and locations, including outside the Coliseum in Rome, in Moscow’s Red Square, Buckingham Palace, at the White House, a free show in Mexico to over 400,000 people and even into Space! Having played with his band (Paul ‘Wix’ Wickens (keyboards), Brian Ray (bass guitar/guitar), Rusty Anderson (guitar) and Abe Laboriel Jr (drums)) for over ten years now, the show never disappoints.

The tour also uses state of the art technology and production to ensure the entire audience has the best possible experience. With massive screens, lasers, fireworks, unique video content and the best songs in the world, a Paul McCartney show is so much more than just an ordinary concert.

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Post by Paul McCartney.


**ポール、完全復活! 再来日公演が遂に決定!!
アウト・ゼアー ジャパン・ツアー2015

開場16:30 / 開演18:30(予定)

開場16:30 / 開演18:30(予定)**








詳細は公演公式サイトをチェック!→ http://outthere-japantour.com