Watch: ‘Come On To Me’ (Official Video)

Watch: ‘Come On To Me’ (Official Video)
16 October 2018

Over the past week, Paul has introduced us to three nightshift workers who all share a love of dancing to ‘Come On To Me’. We’ve met Fred “Little Freddie” Maxwell (#COTMTeamFred) who loves hijacking the in-store sound system at the department store where he works as a security guard; Ali Almohri (#COTMTeamAli) who works at his family’s food truck hoping that one day the young woman he has a crush on will notice he’s looking for more than just casual conversation; and earlier this week we met Elsa Morales (#COTMTeamElsa) who works two jobs to support her family whilst still managing to radiate good energy and be the epitome of positivity.

Today Paul publishes the official video for the track bringing together all three stories / dance routines. Watch it below:

Pretty good moves, right?! Now, after these formal introductions, we have some perhaps surprising news to share: Fred, Ali nor Elsa are professional dancers / actors. They were found by director TG Herrington, getting their acting debuts by sheer force of enthusiasm.

But do you think you could do better than Fred, Ali and Elsa? Show us! Paul invites you to film yourself dancing to ‘Come On To Me’ and post your video to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #COTMChallenge – don’t forget to challenge your friends and family!