Wings - Meet The Band

Wings - Meet The Band

On 7th December Paul will reissue Wild Life and Red Rose Speedway as the 11th and 12th instalments of his GRAMMY-winning Archive Collection. The two albums marked the start of the band Wings who, although they would go on to sell out stadiums across the globe, had humble beginnings at Paul's farm in Scotland. Also on sale will be Wings 1971-73 collecting together both releases as well as capturing the excitment of their 1972 Wings Over Europe tour.

Writers David Fricke (Wild Life) and Amanda Petrusich (Red Rose Speedway) tell the story of how Wings became a band in their 128-page essays included in the Deluxe Editions of each release, but who was in the band? Below we introduce the members who helped form Wings along with a short Q&A with each taken from the time of the 1972 tour...

James Paul McCartney: guitar, bass, vocals, sometimes keyboard
Born: Yes
Birthplace: Liverpool, near Wales
Hair: Yes
Eyes: Yes
Weight: 2 stoned
Hobbies: Vicars, stamp collecting
Favourite Music: Good
Favourite colour: All
Favourite food: Chips
Favourite sports and pastimes: Running
Ambitions: Very
Loves of life: Linda and the brats

Linda Louise McCartney: piano, vocals
Born: I was
Birth place: It was
Kids names and ages: Hello, Goodbye and Maybe
Hair: Strawberry blonde
Eyes: 20/20
Weight: Varies
Hobbies: Rolling
Favourite music: Reggae
Favourite artist: Wings
Favourite colour: Sunset
Favourite food: Grass
Favourite sports and pastimes: Many
Loves of life: Husband and kids

Denny Laine: guitar, bass, some vocals
Real name: Brian Hines
Born: 29/10/44 Birmingham, not married
Height: 5ft 7ins
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Weight: 9 stone
Hobbies: Women and going on holiday
Favourite music: Varied musical taste
Favourite colour: Blue
Favourite food: Spanish and Vegetarian
Doesn’t like: TV, travelling – likes to be settled down
Sporting interests: Gymnastics – father was a boxer
Loves: Work
Ambition: To settle down and have a big house

Dennis Phillip Seiwell: percussion
Born: 10.7.43 Lehighton, Pennsylvania
Wife: Monique Melanie Seiwell, born St Paul Les Romans
Height: 6.2 ½”
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Blue
Weight: Very 185lbs (13st 3lbs)
Hobbies: Farming
Favourite music: Reggae
Favourite artist: Wings
Favourite colour: Green grass
Favourite food: Shellfish
Pet hate: Being put on the spot and finding no American football on TV
Loves: Radio interviews, American football – beginning to like English football
Plays: Basketball
Ambitions: To play the drums as well as possible
Before joining Wings did session work in New York

Henry Campbell Liken McCullough: guitar
Born: 21.7.43 County Derry
Wife: Sara Elizabeth McCullough, born 19.4.47, Ballinamallard
Child: Jesse Desmond Jed McCullough, born 17.11.70, Ashford, Kent
Height: 5.10 ½”
Hair: Fair
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 10 ½ stone
Hobbies: None
Favourite music: All sorts
Favourite colour: Green
Favourite food: Irish stew
Pet hate: Getting up early
Loves: Football, music
Ambitions: To make Wings a success
Before joining Wings played with Grease Band for 2 years, Air Apparent for 2 years. Joined Wings through Denny Laine


Wild Life, Red Rose Speedway and Wings 1971-73 are in stores from 7th December. Pre-order your copy from your local record store or online at the links below: