Winners Announced: ‘Pure McCartney’ - Fan Art Competition

Winners Announced: ‘Pure McCartney’ - Fan Art Competition

Firstly, we’d like to thank each and every person who entered the Pure McCartney artwork competition – the quality and creativity of your work is never short of staggering! We had a meeting with Paul today so we took the winning entries along to show him. He was hugely impressed and commented on how individual and brilliant they all were. He asked us to pass on his thanks for the enormous amount of time you spent by taking part, and to congratulate each of the winners.

Pure McCartney celebrates an incredibly large and varied body of Paul’s music. We therefore decided not to impose any rules or constraints on the competition and instead invited you to create any type of art based around Paul’s music; a drawing based on the lyrics of your favourite song, a painting of your favourite photo, maybe a collage of your favourite album covers. However you may be inspired by Paul’s music – we wanted to let that be your guide!

And what a great decision that turned out to be! We were blown away by the variety of your entries. You painted, baked, scribbled, cooked, wrote, drew, and dabbled in all sorts of clever ways – we really struggled to single out just ten entries!

In fact, we failed. We did eventually pick ten talented winners (only because we had to), but you may notice that there are more than ten pieces of art below! Congratulations to our five winners, who each receive a deluxe copy of Pure McCartney, plus a copy of the album on vinyl.


Art by Instagram user zimpirina

Art by Instagram user nikilambro

Art by Instagram user nicoletonchella

Art by Instagram user kaoru_beat

Art by Instagram user kaoru_beat

Art by Instagram user Evie_128

And congratulations to our five runners up, who each win a copy of the standard 2CD version of Pure McCartney!


Art by Twitter user andy_wedge

Art by Instagram user

Art by Instagram user

Art by Instagram user chukhin

Art by Twitter user @lizram1285

Art by Instagram user kasweeee

Winners - please check your inboxes, we will be emailing you very soon to get your mailing address!

Once again, a big thank you to everyone who entered. To see more Pure McCartney fan art CLICK HERE!