'You Gave Me The Answer' - Amanda in the United States asks…


Each month Paul has been answering questions from his fans for the website's new feature 'You Gave Me The Answer'. This month's question comes from Amanda in the United States who asks: "What is the most inspirational thing someone has ever said to you?"

To find out Paul's answer we spoke with him whilst on the road with his "Out There" tour. Paul replied,

"Thank you for your question Amanda.  I once heard someone say a certain major star was very humble. Eric Clapton said, 'The great ones usually are.'"

We've all got our favourite inspirational quotes and sayings – many of which are taken from song lyrics - so why not let us know yours in the comments below...

Paul appeared on Eric Clapton's recent album 'Old Sock' playing bass and providing backing vocals on the cover of the classic 'All of Me'. Fans can preview the track over at Eric's website HERE!

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