'You Gave Me The Answer' – Chris from the UK asks…


People love to get together at this time of year, and we think there’s no better way to entertain a bunch of family and friends than to host a good old-fashioned summer barbecue *good weather not guaranteed.

It’s your turn to host from the backyard, time to spruce up the garden furniture, dig out the fairy lights and put your grilling skills to the test. It’s always difficult to please everyone, so what can you serve that will really impress your guests?

Chris from the UK has been in touch to find out. He asks Paul,

“When you have barbecues, what kind of food do you like to cook for your guests?”

We caught up with Paul recently to find out. He replied,

“I love to cook Linda’s veggie burgers and sausages, which I have got down to a fine art. I also like to BBQ asparagus brushed with a little olive oil, but you have to keep an eye on these (like everything in life!)”

Paul and his family are passionate about good food. You can find a selection of tried and tested family favourites from Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney on the Meat Free Monday website. The campaign is celebrating five years this summer.

If you’re seeking further food-inspiration then look no further than the Meat Free Monday Instagram page, dedicated to showcasing the most imaginative and delicious looking meat-free meals. Here at PaulMcCartney.com, we think no barbecue is complete without an ice-cold drink, scratchy picnic blanket and the squeak of grilled halloumi! We’d love to hear some of your favourite BBQ must-haves in the comments below…