'You Gave Me The Answer’ - Christmas and New Year Special…

'You Gave Me The Answer’

It’s beginning to look like Christmas in London. Oxford Street, Regents Street and Carnaby Street have somehow managed to out-Christmas themselves again, the trains and buses are getting emptier by the day and there is a feeling of joy and excitement in the air, which can only be felt at this time of year.

We know how curious Paul’s fans are about his holiday celebrations, so we caught up with him just before he headed over to Australia to make sure we got your Christmas and New Year questions answered in plenty of time!

Diane in the US asks Paul: “What was your all-time best Christmas?”

Paul sat down on the comfy sofa in his office to reflect:

“I think probably when my kids were growing up. With the anticipation of Father Christmas coming and with the opening of the presents on Christmas morning. Even though the kids always got you up a little bit too early!”

PM.com: “Did you creep around with the presents and the stockings?”

Paul: “No, Father Christmas did. What are you suggesting?!”

PM.com: “We would never suggest anything!”

Paul: “How could you suggest that?! Withdraw that remark! [Paul winks] Yeah, you know, those were always great. When the kids were little was especially good because you see it through their eyes, so it’s great excitement.”

No sooner have we recycled our wrapping paper (does anyone else re-use the same paper the following year?), slept and walked off our Christmas lunches… it’s then time to prepare for New Year’s Eve! Whether you go out to watch the fireworks, or stay inside and enjoy the warmth of your home, it does have a tendency to make one reflect back on the year’s happenings, and look forwards to what the next year may have in store! We asked Paul, “What would you like to achieve in 2018?”

Paul: “I’ll probably be putting out a new album. So, I’d like that to be something I really love and then hopefully the fans will love it too! We’re putting the finishing touches to it now and at the beginning of next year. So, I would like to achieve making that a really great album. Fingers crossed! That’s not what it’s called, but fingers crossed! [Pauses] It could be… it COULD be the new album title!”

And on that cliffhanger…. we’ll leave it there until 2018!

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