You Gave Me The Answer - Do you have a favourite fragrance?


For more than ten years we’ve been asking Paul questions for the ‘You Gave Me The Answer’ website series, and we’ve been continuously surprised and delighted by the sheer breadth of topics people want to know about! Did you know, for example, that we almost have a question (and answer!) for each of Paul’s five senses?

We found out about Paul’s sense of taste when we asked how he takes his tea; we’ve frequently learnt more about his sense of sound by finding out his favourite chord and if he’s experienced synaesthesia with music; so, with this comment recently posted on the Paul McCartney Official Fan Group on Facebook, we thought the time was right to ask about his sense of smell! This month’s question comes from Fer Jáquez…

Fer Jáquez asks: I am a big fan of perfumes and I have always asked myself: What is your favourite perfume, Paul? 

Paul: Thank you for asking. I think it's basil ...and something! [Paul checks.] Ok, it's lime, basil and mandarin - that combo by Jo Malone. And it’s funny, when I read the name ‘Jo Malone’ I always think of this theory of mine, imagining she is Spanish and pronouncing it like ‘Home Alone’. I wonder if that’s how it’s meant to be said? 

You heard it here first: after defeating the bad guys, Kevin McCallister grew up to be a successful perfumer! 

See, there’s no question too big or too small for this Q&A series. Is there anything you’d like to know about Paul? Ask your questions via the Paul McCartney Official Fan Group on Facebook, or by tagging @paulmccartney on other social media platforms.