You Gave Me The Answer - 'Grandude’s Green Submarine' Special

'Grandude’s Green Submarine' book cover; the sequel of Paul's children's picture book 'Hey Grandude!'

Ahoy there! Since the news broke that another Grandude adventure was coming to shores in 2021, we’ve all been desperate to know what new escapades await Grandude and his Chillers. If you need a refresher, Hey Grandude! was Paul’s first picture book, released in September 2019. The book introduced a magical grandpa named Grandude, who was inspired by a nickname Paul’s own grandchildren (or ‘Chillers’!) had given him. Grandude’s Green Submarine will take Grandude and his Chillers off on an imaginative, action-packed trip, as they try to track down the new character Nandude!

Before the new adventure comes sailing onto bookshelves, we asked fans on Paul’s social media channels if they had any questions about the book, and about Paul’s writing process. Here’s are some of the ones that bubbled up to the surface… Fedecwings on Instagram asks: was Grandude’s Green Submarine also “Made in Rockdown”?

Paul: No, it wasn’t actually! I had the idea before lockdown and most of the work was done by then, but the finishing touches were put together at the end of last year, which I suppose included bits of lockdown. But it wasn’t a lockdown project in the same way McCartney III was. Stephanie on Facebook asks: how do you like being a grandparent? What’s your favourite thing about being a ‘Grandude’?

Paul: I love being a grandparent, and mainly because of the kids themselves. Each one has a different personality, and they keep me entertained and constantly surprised. I suppose my favourite difference between parenting and grandparenting is that you get to hand them back at the end of the day, but I LOVE it! Karen on Facebook asks: what books did your parents or grandparents read to you that were especially meaningful? What impact did they have on your imagination?

Paul: Unfortunately my mum and dad never really had the time to read to me and my brother Mike, but the book I enjoyed most as a child was Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, which was very imaginative. Presmaxon on Instagram asks: are Grandude’s adventures inspired by yours with your Chillers?

Paul: I’m afraid not. I don’t have a magical compass or a green submarine that can fly or dive to great depths under the ocean, so it’s all in the imagination. Paula on Instagram asks: what’s the most adventurous thing you have ever done?

Paul: Possibly driving across Route 66 with Nancy shortly after we first met. It was a crazy trip! We’ve received a lot of questions on this subject… Why is Grandude’s submarine green and not yellow?

Paul: This is a very obvious answer. I have been there and done that with the Yellow Submarine - this green one is related, but has completely different powers than the Yellow Submarine had. May on Instagram asks: what do you like most about writing the Grandude stories?

Paul: I just like the process of allowing my imagination to run wild. After I’ve got all my crazy ideas written down, it’s up to the publishers and illustrator Kathryn Durst to bring it all to life. Laura on Facebook asks: did Rupert the Bear inspire you to write children's books?

Paul: I’ve always liked animation and comic book characters, and growing up Rupert the Bear was definitely a favourite, which is why I worked on the song and animated film later on. There are other animated films which inspire me and fire my imagination for when I’m writing: I love Lady and the Tramp_, and_ The Incredibles_!_ And finally, Sean on Facebook asks: why did you decide to write a sequel to Hey Grandude? And what do you hope people will get out of reading it

Paul: Writing Grandude’s adventures is something I love, so it made sense to keep going and write more of his story. I hope parents, grandparents and Chillers alike get a lot of pleasure from this new book!

Well, we can’t wait to dive in and read it!