You Gave Me The Answer – Gym Playlist

Photo of Paul used for 'You Gave Me The Answer' Q&A feature

With bellies full from far too much festive feasting and the last few days of the decade drawing to a close, it’s time to start thinking ahead to the new year! Now although 2020 is a year brimming with excitement and possibility, we feel like we may be lacking in one thing… some motivation! We have the gym membership, we found some workout gear (aesthetically not so great) but what can be more important than… MUSIC! We were genuinely intrigued to learn – what does Paul listen to in the gym?!

Paul: Oh wow! That’s a cool question actually, 'cause I happened to have a great old jukebox that Capitol records gave to each of The Beatles years ago, and it happens to be in the gym area. So, I listen to all these old records, Rock n’ Roll music by Chuck Berry, 'Something Else' by Eddie Cochran, ‘Tutti Frutti’ by Little Richard - it’s endless! I really love it! Does it keep playing, or do you have to get off each time to change the record?

Paul: There’s a credit switch inside, but I used to put a coin in it, all the time! So you put the coin in and it falls through and it would start playing -  until I discovered the credit switch inside! So now they’re all free to play. So yeah, I've been really enjoying that a lot recently! You know, just getting stuck in because it's great little selection of old rock n' roll.

So there you have it – an insight into Paul’s personal gym playlist! What songs get you pumped up? Let us know in the comments below…