You Gave Me The Answer – Japan Asks…


Paul arrived in Japan yesterday for his first 'One On One' tour dates of 2017. If you haven't seen the incredible scenes from the airport, watch below!

Paul's latest tour leg will see him play at the legendary Budokan this Tuesday, and then three nights at Tokyo Dome on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. It's going to be quite the week!

To celebrate Paul's visit, we thought what could be better than a special edition of 'You Gave Me The Answer' made up of questions we've seen posted by Paul's Japanese fans. How would you describe the Japanese audiences at your concerts compared to other countries?
Paul: Saiko! Which is Japanese for fantastic. Karaoke is a popular amusement in Japan. What would you sing at karaoke?
Paul: What would I sing at karaoke? Hmmm… [Starts scatting]. What would I sing in karaoke…? ‘My Way’ comes to mind, of course. And then, ‘You Are The Sunshine Of My Life’... I probably wouldn’t do either! [Laughs] But in a hypothetical and fun situation, I would do those. Being vegetarian, what is your favourite Japanese food?
Paul: Avocado, or cucumber sushi. Do you enjoy Japanese teas?
Paul: Mm-hmm. Green tea, mm-hmm. But they like it stronger than I do. The Japanese like it very strong! I like it probably not quite as strong in flavour. But yeah, I love green tea. Is there anything in particular that impresses you about Japan?
Paul: Yeah, the cleanliness is amazing! We couldn’t believe that. We couldn’t find one scrap of litter in Tokyo! And the friendliness of the people.

There will be a lot of fun things happening this week, so remember to keep an eye on and Paul's social media. And before we leave you, Paul sent his Japanese fans a message over the weekend which you can watch below: