You Gave Me The Answer - Meat Free Monday Asks...

You Gave Me The Answer - Meat Free Monday Asks...

Regular visitors to will be aware that each month Paul answers fan questions for the feature 'You Gave Me The Answer'. When we spoke with Paul earlier this month we took the opportunity to squeeze in an extra question for our friends at Meat Free Monday published the Q&A earlier today and we thought we'd share it with you below.

Launched by Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney in 2009, Meat Free Monday is a not-for-profit campaign which aims to raise awareness of the detrimental environmental impact of eating meat, and to encourage people to help slow climate change, conserve precious natural resources and improve their health by having at least one meat free day each week.

Find out more about Meat Free Monday at their website, by clicking HERE! And read on as Paul spills the beans on one of his strangest recording sessions...

--- Hi Paul, we’ve heard a story about you appearing on a Beach Boys song ‘playing' a stick of celery. Is that true?

Paul: Yeah, that is true, yeah! I mean it was wild and wacky days, you know, and I just went round to the studio because they invited me. I just thought it would be fun to sit there and watch them record, ‘cause I’m a big fan. And so I was there, and then it was, I think, Brian who came over and said, ‘Oh Paul, got a favour to ask: would you mind recording something?’ I thought, ‘Oh, no! But great, I could do that!' Oh God, I’m gonna be singing on a Beach Boys record or something, you know! I got a bit kind of intimidated and thought, ‘Okay, here goes nothing’. And they said, ‘Well, what we want you to do is go in there and just munch!’ …Well, I can do that! So, if you hear somebody munching celery, that’s me! plays Paul the song…

_(Please note: We think this is the correct version!)_

Paul: I think it’s very good, it’s in time. I give good celery! No that’s great, that’s fun.

Paul with Brian Wilson, Madison Square Garden, December 1989 In the lyrics at the end, there’s a line that goes: "I know that you'll feel better when you send us in your letter and tell us the name of your favourite vegetable". So tell us, do you have a favourite vegetable?

Paul: Do I have a favourite vegetable? I don’t know, broccoli came into my mind. And then sweet potato came into my mind too. So it’s a toss up between those two?

Paul: Yeah. And then, of course, chips. Chips comes roaring in at number one!


So there we have it, possibly one of the strangest recording sessions Paul ever did was with a stick of celery!

And if that’s inspired you to experiment more with vegetables, click HERE for celery recipes, click HERE for broccoli recipes, and click HERE for sweet potato recipes!