You Gave Me The Answer - Richard from the UK asks...


Fans may be familiar with Kisses On The Bottom, an album largely comprised of standards that Paul grew up listening to during his childhood. Paul remembers his dad playing the piano on New Years Eve and how he associated some of the classic songs his father played with "family and good times".

When Paul started writing songs of his own, he realised how well structured these standards were and learned a lot of important lessons listening to them when he was a child. Their early influences can be heard in some of his songs, particularly ‘My Valentine’ and ‘Only Our Hearts’.

Over the years Paul’s songs have been covered by millions of people, but what does he think of these covers? Richard from the UK has been in touch to find out!

“I recently heard a great cover of ‘Lady Madonna’ by Fats Domino. What’s your favourite cover version of one of your songs?”

We caught up with Paul recently in his London office to find out:

“Thanks for your question, Richard. There’s an early version of ‘And I love Her’, it’s called ‘And I Love Him’ by Esther Phillips. I remember really liking that, and I like Ray Charles’ ‘Eleanor Rigby’. And I also like Marvin Gaye’s ‘Yesterday’.”

Are you familiar with the three covers Paul mentioned? You can listen to them below, what do you think?

And of course, one of our favourite covers of Paul's music is your version of 'Say Say Say [2015 Remix]'!

What are your favourite cover versions of Paul’s songs? Let us know in the comments below…