Audio Redeem


If you purchased RAM with a download card (Deluxe Edition and Vinyl), you can download the album above. To get your download simply enter the redemption code printed on the card.
Directions for digital download:
A) Please enter the unique code on your card in the 'enter code here' box and click 'Submit'
B) Please select the download button icon next to each item. Hi-Res download from Deluxe Edition: Due to the size of the music files all tracks should be downloaded individually. Attempting to download more than one file at a time could cause your download to fail
C) Once downloaded, save your files to the location on your computer where you keep your music and enjoy!
PLEASE NOTE: Music download will only work on a desktop / laptop computer.

For further assistance with your download, click HERE!

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Please note: if you are not on a wifi connection, your provider may charge for data use.