For Whom The Bell Tells...Issue 6

For Whom The Bell Tells...Issue 6


Time to put away the 2009 files,

So here we are, 2010. A new year and a new decade. Always a
good time for reflection and also a time to look forward to what we
know is going to be another busy and fun year in Macca world.

It's amazing to think just how much Paul managed to pack in to
just the last 12 months.

What a year it was. Setting the pace for 2009 Paul kicked it
off at high speed appearing at the Grammy Awards giving a memorable
performance of I Saw Her Standing There‚ with guest drummer and
fellow rocker Dave Grohl. Next it was to New York City to play at the
special David Lynch Foundation Change Begins Within benefit concert.
Paul hooked up with his old band mate Ringo for a historic performance
of With A Little Help From My Friends at Radio City Hall.

The summer of 2009 saw another Macca first, when Paul
headlined his first ever US festival, Coachella. Similar to his 2004
Glastonbury performance, Paul stole the headlines making the festival
a talking point for the rest of the world. Days after the festival he
headed to Vegas for a show to mark the opening of The New Joint at the
Hard Rock Hotel & Casino - a gig which sold out in seven seconds,
setting a new sales record with tickets selling at a staggering rate
of 600 a second keeping the press office very busy yet again.

Not one to rest, Paul was on the road again in July. He played
his first ever concert in Halifax, Nova Scotia a show that prompted
the Mayor of Halifax to describe the event as the largest most
exciting concert in its 260-year history, no less!

After Halifax there was more history to be made. Paul returned
to the site of the former Shea Stadium, where in 1965, he along with
his famous old band played a concert that set the precedent for the
modern day stadium rock show. Paul commenced his Summer Live 09 US
tour at New Yorks Citi Field Stadium. Paul spent the summer rocking
across the US before returning to the UK to prepare for his Good
Evening Europe tour. And as we now know Paul gave 2009 the best send
off a year could have with Londons biggest Christmas party and tour
finale at the O2 Arena on the 22nd December. He was joined on stage by
a bagpipe band for a rare version of his massive UK Christmas chart
topper Mull Of Kintyre.

So that was 2009.

And so the new decade arrives but unlike most, Paul didnt
spend the start of the New Year reflecting, there simply wasnt time.
He was straight back in to the thick of it, moving and shaking, in LA
at the Annual Golden Globe Awards and the Critics Choice Awards where
he was nominated for '(I Want To) Come Home'.

Meanwhile, back in the press office, we were reflecting!
December's tour was a total blast and we've finally collected in all
the amazing reviews. As a publicist I love front covers, and there was
no shortage of front cover reviews on this tour! Each morning as we
left each city we were in it was great to walk into the local paper
shop and see hundreds of Pauls staring back at me. Reading through the
cuttings again, as I was filing them, reminded me of how great it was
to be out on the road with Paul and the team for the tour. So I
thought this a good opportunity for those who might not have seen the
UK, German, French, Irish and Dutch reviews to share the highlights...
and it was actually quite difficult to edit as the reviews were
amazing across the board... but here goes...

Hamburg - 2nd December, 2009

'McCartney and his band rock the arena from 9:15 to nearly
midnight - presenting one highlight after the other.... Slim and well
trained he jumps around stage, his voice may be a little bit darker,
but it didn't lose any of his characteristic drive and the many facets
between pop, blues and rock. McCartney is a master of timing, even in
the way he enjoys the acclamation of the audience or how he
communicates with them.' AP

'It is more than just an evening with a living music legend.
When McCartney starts singing "Here Today" alone with his
guitar, it's not only him who has to hold back his tears.' Welt

Berlin - 3rd December, 2009

'Absolutely world class!' Bild

'Slim and sporty he jumps around the stage, playful, with
juvenile charm and a clear voice. Fantastic.' Berliner Kurier

Holland - 9th December, 2009

'Coming straight to the point: this concert gets into my list
of most memorable concerts. It was a unique evening where the old
Beatles fans and their children came closer than ever to that
legendary band. Maybe it was even better than the real thing.' Muziek

'A glorious celebration of what pop music at its best can do,
and in the correct proportions...And so it goes, from emotion to awe
to excitement...Who needs the remastered Beatles boxsets or Fab Four
games to keep vital iron repertoire? - they're just toys. McCartney is
the real thing.' Volkskrant

Paris - 10th December, 2009

'Macca IS the one and only King of Pop' Rock N' Folk

'Absolutely Fabulous' Figaro Score

Cologne - 16th December, 2009

'And the two hours and 50 minutes of the Cologne appearance
impressively demonstrate once again, what we all guessed anyway: Paul
McCartney is the greatest communicator of pop music.' Kolner Stadtanzeiger

'During the nearly three hours of the show, you want to run
around the arena, hug completely unknown people and say completely
senseless things (at least they wouldn't make sense in your outside
life). But, in here, everybody is as young as you today.' Rheinische Post

'Paul McCartney once again wipes away all the cliches about
himself. This man rocks so much that many newcomers might probably
lose their faith in their own successes. McCartney plays perfectly,
and just as perfectly, he plays with the audience this is Rock 'n'
Roll and it's from the best.' Aachener Zeitung / Aachener Nachrichten

'This man was on stage for nearly three hours without any
traces of weariness. PaulMcCartney is a phenomenon and a very, very
lively living legend.' Review Generalanzeiger

Dublin - 20th December, 2009

'If there was one member of the audience who went home in a
grumpy mood, they truly were the Christmas Grinch.' The Irish Times

'....he had the audience eating out of the palm of his
hand......the timeless star even staged TWO encores - proving he still
has the stamina to outlast many of his young rivals on stage.' Irish
Daily Mirror

'McCartney looks like he is having the time of his life and
the audience are certainly high on emotion. After a bumper set of
encores and nearly 40 songs, McCartney sadly has to go. It really
doesn't get any better than this.' Irish Independent

'Overall, this was an astonishing performance, and a late -
but by all means, welcome - contender for gig of the year, if not the
decade.' Evening Herald

London - 22nd December, 2009

'There are few on this earth who can write a more impressive
set-list without recourse to cover versions.' 5 Stars. The Times

'McCartney offered a curfew-busting set packed with sufficient
hits to leave people punch-drunk....But, as ever, it was largely
sunshine from the singer who can cause grown men to make sparkly
banners. They came to be uplifted, and after almost three hours no one
could say they were short-changed.' 4 Stars. Evening Standard

'Sir Paul McCartney wows London's O2 Arena with a marathon
three-hour spectacular. Indeed, everyone had a truly wonderful time.'
The Mirror

'Having demonstrated on the X Factor how a real star does it,
Paul McCartney used his only UK concert of 2009 as a showcase for an
epic display of back-to-back basics music-making. Armed only with his
four-piece band and the greatest collection of hits in pop history, he
travelled back and forth across the decades like the Dr Who of rock
and roll. Whatever elixir the 67-year-old Macca is running on remains
a mystery, but he seems to get a huge charge from performing to an
audience, especially one that is bombarding him with waves of
adoration.' 5 Stars. Telegraph

'He pulled out the heavy weaponry for a hit-packed three-hour
gig. Macca's as fab as ever.' The Sun

'The most emotional moment is the smallest:
"Blackbird" rendered alone on acoustic guitar, his voice
wavering through the chorus. The O2 is vast, a sterile, unforgiving
shed whose scale can crush junior talents. For two-and-a-half minutes,
he shrank it to the size of his living room.' The Observer

'As the old Christmas joke goes: What do you give the man
who's got everything? For the most legendary singer on the planet, the
answer is a tour finale so emotional even HE is overwhelmed by his
fans' can almost see the green glow of envy from
younger stars in the crowd like Noel Gallagher and Alex Turner. The
man is living history and the way he continues to bring new energy to
his past is incredible.' 5 Stars. News Of The World

'....He served up a tremendous, high-energy show...People of
all ages, and there really were all ages at this concert, were up and
dancing.' 5 Stars. The Independent

So, with that now over and the reviews filedaway it's time to
look to the year ahead. You can be sure it's going to be another manic
year. Youll be pleased to hear Paul is currently working on a number
of different projects with more information to follow in the coming
weeks and as usual we will bring you the official behind the scenes
'eye on the Paul' news, so its important you keep one eye here at all times.

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