'That Demo Is Done' - A 'Flowers In The Dirt' Audio Trip

'That Demo Is Done' - A 'Flowers In The Dirt' Audio Trip

Every song you know and love started life as a demo. We love how raw and honest demos sound - you are listening to the song taking shape right before you. Sometimes the final version of a song sounds very similar to the original sketches and demos, and sometimes they sound like they're worlds apart!

One of our favourite aspects of Paul's recent Flowers In The Dirt reissue is that he takes the listener through the journey of the album's gestation. We hear the original 1987 acoustic demos Paul and Elvis recorded right after they finished dotting the i's and crossing the t's. Next up, we get to hear the songs a year down the line and with a band accompanying them in 1988. And finally, we hear the end product: the recordings that made the album.

To highlight the progression of the songs on Flowers In The Dirt, we have created 'That Demo Is Done' - a new music player that allows you to listen and compare four of the 1987, 1988 and final album recordings!

Check out 'That Demo Is Done' by clicking HERE!

Fans can purchase their copy of Flowers In The Dirt at their local record store, or online via the below links:

Deluxe Edition (3CD/1DVD): Click HERE!
Special Edition (2CD): Click HERE!
Vinyl (2LP): Click HERE!

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