Watch: 'Fuh You' Music Video

Watch: 'Fuh You' Music Video

Today we're pleased to unveil the music video for Paul's track 'Fuh You', taken from his recently released and criticially acclaimed new album, Egypt Station. Paul has spoken of the song being about a boy meeting a girl: "On the night that I met you, I was on the town", and how they get to know each other: "I just wanna know how you feel".

Watch the Simon Aboud directed video below:

'Fuh You' was written in the studio with Paul and producer Ryan Tedder "thinking of ideas" as they went along. The song then came together bit by bit with Paul trying to make sense of the story. The title has been misheard by some cheeky folks, but Paul has clarified it is similar to how when you have a gift for someone, you tend to say"fuh you", rather than the more formal, "for you". The chorus in the song is, "I just want it fuh you". Being mischevious though, Paul does like that it's been misconstrued by some.

Fans can get their copy of Egypt Station from their local record store or online by clicking HERE!

Learn more about 'Fuh You' and Egypt Station in Paul's 'Words Between The Tracks' video series below:

We've had Egypt Station on repeat for several weeks now and have our favourite songs. Let us know your favourites in the comments below...

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