Watch: New 'Back In Brazil' Video

Watch: New 'Back In Brazil' Video

On the day that Paul released his new #1 album Egypt Station, he also published a new music video for the track 'Back In Brazil' to his Facebook fans in the country. As it happens, 7th September was also Independence Day in Brazil - perfect timing!

Today, we're pleased to unveil the 'Back In Brazil' video to all fans. The video follows the story Paul lays out in the song: 'Back in Brazil, there lives a girl, dreams of the future, and a far far better world…'

Watch the music video for 'Back In Brazil' below:

Fans can get their copy of Egypt Station from their local record store or online by clicking HERE!

Egypt Station
Opening Station
I Don't Know
Come On To Me
Happy With You
Who Cares
Fuh You
People Want Peace
Hand In Hand
Back In Brazil
Do It Now
Caesar Rock
Despite Repeated Warnings
Station II
Hunt You Down / Naked / C-Link

We've had Egypt Station on repeat for several weeks now and have our favourite songs. Let us know your favourites in the comments below...

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