A Look Back at 2017 on PaulMcCartney.com

A Look Back at 2017 on PaulMcCartney.com

2017 has disappeared in the blink of an eye - but don't look away too quickly! First, take a trip down memory lane as we look back over some of our favourite highlights...!

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Flowers In The Dirt:
In March we finally released the long awaited tenth instalment of Paul's Grammy-winning archive collection - ‘Flowers In The Dirt’. This 1989 international #1 album saw Paul team up with Elvis Costello to co-write a third of the album, and with every archive release we uncover lots of treats for fans, including a demo of the album track ‘Distractions’, ‘Back On My Feet (Demo)’ and a record day exclusive 3-track cassette featuring never before released recordings of 'I Don’t Want To Confess', 'Shallow Grave' and 'Mistress And Maid'.

Paul Returns To Japan:
Paul's return to Japan was something to remember, with fans literally chasing him down the street! He delighted the crowds in Tokyo with a run of sold out shows at the Tokyo Dome and an unforgettable peformance at the Budokan. Check out some of the highlights below...

... and check out our Instagram Stories from the week below…

Watch Paul at the Budokan below:

Pirates of the Carribean 5:
It's been a pirates life for us here at PaulMcCartney.com as Paul hung up his Hofner to embrace the life of a pirate to embrace an exciting role in the new 'Pirates of the Caribbean’ film. We can't wait to here what you think of Paul in the movie! Did you spot 'Uncle Jack' in the film?

Sgt. Pepper 50th:
The world celebrated the 50th anniversary of The Beatles' iconic album, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, with a special reissue of the album remixed by Giles Martin, George's son. Unsurprisingly the release went to number 1 in the in the UK charts!  And if that wasn't exciting enough, we also managed to sit down with Paul to ask him more about the album and how it came into being with a very special edition of 'You Gave Me The Answer’... read it HERE.

Companion of Honour:
If 2017 wasn't already incredibly special, this year the Royal Family awarded Paul the Companion of Honour for his major contribution to the arts. There are no more than 65 members of the Order of the Companions of Honour at any time, so a huge congratulations to Paul!

Paul and Bruce Springsteen at Madison Square Garden:
Fans may remember a few years back that Paul and Bruce Springsteen had the plug pulled on them! To the delight of New Yorkers, Paul and “The Boss” took to the stage together once more at Madison Square Garden this summer for a NY take-over! They performed ‘I Saw Her Standing There’ not once… but twice! And if that wasn’t cool enough, Paul joined Springsteen’s guitarist Stevie Van Zandt on stage later in the year at The Roundhouse to welcome him to the UK!

Paul in Latin America:
There are few things as impressive as a Latin America crowd, and gosh did they treat Paul and his band this year when he played dates in Brazil and Mexico! Our sources on the tour tell us that the streets were lined with people welcoming Paul with deafening screams and applause. Paul also ran competitions online for fans to win tickets to the shows by filming and uploading their own videos. You can check out all the fun on Paul’s Instagram page by clicking HERE!

MFM Film:
Meat Free Monday’s aim is to raise awareness and inspire people to make a change in their diets from an easily achievable starting point. The McCartney family launched the campaign's new documentary short 'One Day A Week', narrated by Paul, and with appearances fom Mary and Stella McCartney, Woody Harrelson and Emma Stone. The film describes the delicate balance on which our beautiful exists - a balance we are dangerously disrupting through our insatiable desire for animal products.

Australia and New Zealand:
Can you think of a nicer way to finish your year than a couple of weeks down under in Australia and New Zealand? That’s how Paul closed 2017 and his latest leg of the ‘One On One’ tour. Performing in packed out venues, Paul wowed his way across both countries even bringing sunshine to Melbourne (the Victorian state experiencing some of its worst rainfall on record just before his visit!). PaulMcCartney.com was lucky enough to be at one of the Melbourne shows and witnessed first-hand just how loud the Aussie fans can be! Paul also took time out on the trip to meet up with Kylie Minogue and meet a real kiwi in New Zealand.