Meat Free Monday – 3 Years Old This Month

27 June 2012

Meat Free Monday is three years old this month. The campaign was launched back in June 2009 by Paul, Mary and Stella as a simple and straightforward idea to show everyone the value of eating less meat.

By giving up meat for one day each week you can reduce your environmental impact, save money and live a healthier life.

In 2006, a United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization report, Livestock’s Long Shadow, highlighted the environmental impact of meat-eating and the importance of making more environmentally and socially conscious food choices.

The campaign does not ask you to give up meat completely, but encourages you to do your bit to help protect our planet. By joining together in having one meat-free day each week you’ll be making great steps towards reducing the environmental problems associated with the meat industry. You’ll also be giving your own health a boost and, with the added benefit that vegetables cost less than meat, having one meat-free day each week means it’s good for your pocket too.

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