Play the Wings Word Unscrambler!



Wow! We've been really impressed by how quickly you've been playing the Wings Unscrambler!

As 10 fans managed to get the same score of 1 minute and 11 seconds we will be ensuring they all receive prizes.

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We always enjoy testing your (extensive!) knowledge - this time we thought it would be fun to inject some additional excitement by introducing a little competitive element!

We’ve created a unique Wings Word Unscrambler game to celebrate the classic Wings reissues of Venus and Mars and At The Speed Of Sound.

The aim of the game is to decipher the album song titles by unscrambling the letters. (We’ve kept the theming of the original releases; you’ll have to play to see what we mean!)

The player who can unscramble the song titles the fastest will win deluxe box sets of both Venus and Mars and At The Speed Of Sound. We will also be giving away a vinyl copy of both Venus and Mars and At The Speed Of Sound to the next two fastest players.

Challenge your friends to beat your time on Facebook and keep an eye on the leaderboard to check your position!

To play click HERE!