Say Hello to Paul McCartney and The Beatles on Yoto

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10 November 2023

Yoto, the audio platform for kids behind the critically acclaimed and award-winning screen-free Yoto Player and Yoto Mini, is thrilled to continue its partnership with Universal Music Group, the global leader in music-based entertainment, with the release of three new Yoto Cards of seminal music from The Beatles and Paul McCartney.

Each Beatles and Paul McCartney Yoto Card provides a captivating experience for children through iconic music that’s cherished by generations of music lovers around the world. Today’s exciting release continues the partnership’s mission to put children as young as three in control of safely exploring a wide range of music and artistry, fostering true independence. 

Today’s launch includes a selection of Yoto’s favourite songs from the influential Beatles collections, 1962-1966 (‘The Red Album’) and 1967-1970 (‘The Blue Album’). Both collections have been expanded and mixed in stereo for their new 2023 Editions, also released today. Paul McCartney: Say Hello to Paul McCartney is a new Yoto-exclusive collection of tracks from McCartney’s solo career, curated by Paul McCartney himself.  

24 tracks have been selected from The Beatles’ 1962-1966 and 1967-1970 collections for individual Yoto Cards. Fun, formative and full of singalong hits, the new Beatles and Paul McCartney Yoto Editions are a must-have for any family to listen through the brand’s Yoto Player 3rd Generation which boasts stunning immersive stereo sound. 

The Beatles’ 1962-1966 (Yoto Edition) features 12 hit songs from the era that broke The Beatles onto the world stage and launched the frenzy of Beatlemania. It’s a perfect primer for young listeners to start a lifelong love of music, showcasing the foundations of the band which single-handedly changed the course of modern music. 

Featuring 12 songs from The Beatles’ later years, 1967-1970 (Yoto Edition) highlights the period when the band experimented with new sounds and released many more worldwide hits. Brimming with The Beatles’ wondrous creativity, the selected songs from this chapter of the band’s career are also sure to spark children’s curiosity. 

Paul McCartney: Say Hello to Paul McCartney is a hand-picked selection of songs from Paul’s legendary solo catalogue. Spanning multiple genres, including pop, rock and folk, the 14 tracks take children on an exploration of powerful song writing with an emphasis on music that establishes a common ground. The card also includes two new instrumental tracks that have never been released in full, the 'Hey Grandude' and 'Nandude' Themes, which are both from Paul’s highly acclaimed children’s books.

Yoto Co-Founder and CEO Ben Drury comments; "By introducing The Beatles to Yoto, we're not only sharing the magic of their world-famous songs, we're opening doors to a legacy of innovation, creativity and unity, all of which are values that Yoto holds dear. The Beatles' music has the power to bring generations together and we are are thrilled to have them gracing our Yoto catalogue.” =

“We are delighted to be able to introduce the timeless music of The Beatles and Paul McCartney to the next generation of young music fans, thanks to UMG’s partnership with Yoto” says Sarah Boorman, General Manager, Youth Strategies UMG. 

The Beatles’ 1962-1966 (Yoto Edition), 1967-1970 (Yoto Edition), and Paul McCartney: Say Hello to Paul McCartney cards are available to purchase!

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