Sticking Out Of My Back Pocket – Mother Nature’s Hum


First off, we apologise for that terrible pun in the title. But what can be more lovely than sitting beside a mountain stream, watching the waters  and listening to the pretty sound of music.

February had us swooning to a selection of Paul’s love songs. And, if you’ve been to any of Paul’s shows, you’ll have seen just how much his songs mean to couples all over the world.

This month, as the first days of spring arrive, we’re focussing on Paul’s songs about nature and Wild Life. Paul’s mentioned in interviews how one of his favourite pastimes as a schoolboy was cycling a few miles away from home to lose himself in nature with his Observer Book Of Birds in hand.

Paul’s love of nature and the natural world has come out in so many songs through the years. Check out a selection of them below. Has your favourite made the cut? Let us know in the comments below…