Watch: New ‘Come On To Me’ Video — "Team Elsa”

14 October 2018

Last week Paul released two new music videos for ‘Come On To Me’, taken from his recent number one album Egypt Station. Hearts have already been won over by “Little Freddie” and Ali. Today a new challenger for the best dance moves appears: Elsa. Let’s find out who she is…

Elsa is a hard-working mom of three. She works two jobs to provide for her family. Her days are spent as a seamstress, nights - cleaning corporate offices in a high-rise. She showers her kids with love and everything she does in life is for her family. Elsa is the epitome of positivity, and she radiates good energy.

Fluorescent lights and empty executive offices provide the backdrop for her dance party of one, while she works.

Do you think you can throw better shapes than Elsa, Ali and "Little Freddie"? Show us! Film yourself dancing to ‘Come On To Me’ and post it to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #COTMChallenge — There will be more info about this competition in the coming days…!

‘Come On To Me’ is taken from Paul’s new number one album Egypt StationPick up your copy of Egypt Station from your local record store or online HERE!

And remember to check out “Little Freddie”, Ali and Elsa's GIFs over at Paul’s GIPHY channel HERE!