Watch: New ‘Come On To Me’ Video — "Team Fred"

New ‘Come On To Me’ Video — "Team Fred"
9 October 2018

Today Paul unveils a new music video for his track ‘Come On To Me’. The video, directed by TG Herrington, follows security guard Fred “Little Freddie” Maxwell as he hijacks the in-store sound system — always a highlight of his evenings.

Want to learn more about "Little Freddie"? (Hey, he may not be so little, but you’d never know it from his moves!) Freddie’s energy is contagious and you can’t spend more than a few minutes in his company without falling for his vibrant, happy and full of life character. Freddie works nights as a security guard at a luxury department store to pay for his college tuition. He agrees it’s pretty monotonous work, making the rounds and checking doors, but the solitude gives him plenty of time to study as he knows in the end it’ll pay off.

But Freddie isn’t an “all work, no play” kind of guy… Freddie is still Freddie, and Freddie’s going to have fun — no matter what!

Watch Paul’s new video for ‘Come On To Me’ below and try to stop yourself falling in love with “Little Freddie’s” moves…

Now, this is definitely Freddie’s video. But ‘Come On To Me’ has been such a hit with Paul’s fans that one video just wasn’t enough — more versions featuring 'Ali' and 'Elsa' will be coming your way soon so keep checking Paul's social media and website for a first look…!

Before you grab your coat, do you think you have better moves than Freddie? Show us! Film yourself dancing to ‘Come On To Me’ and post a video to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #COTMChallenge — There will be more info about this competition in the coming days so keep checking back…!