'Who Cares' - Go Behind The Scenes With Paul And Emma Stone

'Who Cares' - Go Behind The Scenes With Paul And Emma Stone

Who cares how the music video was made? We do! Find out below...

In the video above, Paul gives fans an inside look at the making of the cinematic musical short film 'Who Cares' in which he co-stars (and dances!) with Emma Stone. 'Who Cares' features a message of universal positivity in a creatively crafted production, shot on 65mm Kodak Film with Panavision Cameras the video transports viewers into surreal world of hand-cut sets, choreographed mimes and car chases.

Paul opened up about working on this amazing project:"If you're lucky enough to get on a project like this where it's good people, then it really doesn't make it like work. It's more like a family gathering and in the middle of it all you're involved in creative art..."

And watch the 'Who Cares' video below:

Directed by Brantley Gutierrez and Ryan Heffington. Director of photography was Linus Sandgren. The film was produced by Kyle Schember and Michael Abbott for Subtractive Inc.