You Gave Me the Answer - Glastonbury Special

Photo of Paul in his home studio, photo taken by Mary McCartney

Will he, won’t he…? Everyone’s been waiting to hear if Paul will make an appearance in a certain Somerset field this summer, and the secret’s finally out. This month Paul confirmed that he will play Glastonbury Festival in 2022, headlining the iconic Pyramid Stage on Saturday 25th June! Following the cancellation of the festival in 2020 and 2021 it’s fair to say that this is a highly anticipated event, both for the lucky festival-goers and for the millions more who will be watching the show live on TV. Here at, we’re mentally preparing our festival survival kit already. Tent? Check. Wellies? Check. Dream Paul McCartney set list…? Check!

Feeling the buzz in the air, we took this opportunity to ask Paul some of our burning Glastonbury questions. Of course, he can’t reveal too many secrets ahead of June, but these answers should get you in the festival mood all the same. Please welcome to the stage: a special Glastonbury edition of ‘You Gave Me The Answer’! What your best Glastonbury memory?

Paul: My best memory was that moment we walked out on stage, when we performed there in 2004. The sheer size of the crowd, and the banners and the flags that they all hold up which reminded me of the battle of Agincourt! The crowds at Glastonbury have always reminded me of a medieval battle scene -  it looks very heraldic, and to see this iconic scene and particular Glastonbury ‘look’ was very exciting. Some people come up with really creative banners, don't they?

Paul: Yeah, and they do look like something out of a scene from Henry V! Medieval is a good way to describe it. What would be in your festival survival kit?

Paul: A hotel room, first of all! No, if I wasn't in a hotel – if I was camping - I would have to have a toothbrush and toothpaste, and we'd have to have a lighter for the fire, a guitar for singing around the campfire, a decent supply of food and water, and finally wellies. Do you have any surprises planned for this year’s performance? Or is that all going to be top secret?

Paul: Yeah, to tell you the truth we don't know exactly what we're going to do yet, but we are definitely planning on having a few tricks up our sleeve… We’ll have to watch this space.

Are you heading to Glastonbury this year? Don’t forget your toothbrush! Or were you lucky enough to catch Paul’s last headline performance there in 2004? Join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #Glastonbury2022, and tagging @paulmccartney.

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