'You Gave Me The Answer' - Jackie from the U.S. asks…


Let's admit it, we’ve all had the superhero daydream and the superpower debate; If you were a superhero what would be your name and superpower?

This is what Jackie Kinkead from the USA probably had in mind when they sent in this month’s ‘You Gave Me The Answer’ question.

Jackie asks: "If you could have a superpower, what would it be?"

We were curious to find out ourselves and caught up with Paul whilst promoting his forthcoming coming album 'NEW'…

Paul answered: "Thanks for your question Jackie. I’d be called ‘Peaceman’ and my superpower would be a zapper that I would use to END WAR!"

Paul has been a long-time fan of comic books writing the song ‘Magneto & Titanium Man’ based on two superhero characters which featured on the Wings album 'Venus & Mars'. The song and artwork featured throughout Wings’ World Tour in 1975/76.

We had a poll here at PaulMcCartney.com to work out what superpower we'd like and decided on the ability to stretch time so we could get everything done! Either that or be able to fly. Flying would be cool.

Let us know what superpower you'd want and what your name would be in the comments below…