You Gave Me The Answer' - Jacob from Barcelona asks

Photo of Paul used for 'You Gave Me The Answer' Q&A feature

It’s strange to think of those we idolise, idolising their idols! Millions of teenagers in the sixties hero-worshipped The Beatles. Some might say many more worship them now and that’s why we’re today celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ final public performance!

But even our idols have idols…

For those of us who haven’t yet been fortunate enough to have met ours, try and imagine that moment - but without cameras or phones, or any evidence at all! This is how things went down when The Beatles met with their idol Elvis Presley. Jacob from Barcelona asks Paul,

“Is it true there is a recording out there somewhere of a jam session that you [and The Beatles] had with Elvis Presley and you covered Cilla Black’s version of ‘You’re My World’? What was it like to meet Elvis?”

Paul: “There is no recording of a jam session with Elvis - that I know of! And, 'You’re My World'? No. I think it's highly unlikely. I'd be interested to hear it if anyone has it? I haven't got it and I don't remember that. But you know I suppose there's some slim possibility it’s true. But as far as I'm concerned, it isn’t! It was phenomenal to meet Elvis because we'd grown up in Liverpool and it was hearing his record ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ that I think tipped the balance for the four of us in The Beatles. We wanted to do something like that. So we'd grown up with this sort of wonder for this amazing guy who just looked great and sang great – and we were major fans! So when we became The Beatles we asked to meet him. Eventually we did meet him and it was lovely and we were just like big fans! We were just in awe, because this man that we'd idolised for so long… it was just very special. It was magic!”

We wish we could have been in that room although there is something quite special in the uniqueness of that meeting, compared to the world today where almost everything is recorded!

Who are your biggest idols and have you ever met them? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below… And if you know of a bootleg of The Beatles / Elvis jam – let us know!

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