You Gave Me The Answer' - Christmas Special

Photo of Paul used for 'You Gave Me The Answer' Q&A feature

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Previously on 'You Gave Me The Answer'....

This time last year we asked Paul,

"What would you like to achieve in 2018?”

Paul replied:

“I’ll probably be putting out a new album. So, I’d like that to be something I really love and then hopefully the fans will love it too! We’re putting the finishing touches to it now and at the beginning of next year. So, I would like to achieve making that a really great album. Fingers crossed! That’s not what it’s called, but fingers crossed! [Pauses] It could be… it COULD be the new album title!”

We reminded Paul of his hopes and dreams for 2018 when we sat down with him earlier this month to discuss the incredible year he has had!

"It was amazing what happened. Because at the beginning of every year I always look back on the year before and think,'Wow, I don’t know how we’re going to top that!' I mean, there’s so much great stuff! And then like it’s like a miracle! Something crops up – or we do a little show and I think, ‘Oh, that was good’ and it suddenly ends up we’ve got something like 'Austin City Limits' festival, or a tour of Japan! I’m always amazed at how it kind of works out, so I’m very happy! And it was great year I must say. I'm very much looking forward to next year, where we have more gigs, and more exciting stuff  to come – places we’re gonna play, things we're gonna see... So, that’s going to be nice, I think! Looking forwards, as always!"

We'd love to hear some of your highlights from 2018! let us know what they are in the comments below...