You Gave Me The Answer - Jacob from the UK asks...


We’re crossing the days off our 2016 calendar at such a rate! Paul has been beavering away over the last couple of months, keeping us on our toes! Winter is flying by and thankfully spring is now just around the corner. For many of us it’s time to fix up and look sharp – and begin the traditional / annual spring clean!

There are few things more satisfying than sifting through the previous year’s clutter and getting your belongings in order. We started with our office drawers and couldn’t believe the amount of memorabilia we had accumulated - imagine a drawer full of 3D Printed Pauls, cardboard models, drawings and CDs... We failed at actually clearing much of anything away and kept getting distracted! (We had quite a good collection of empty chocolate wrappers too!).

Jacob from the UK got in touch recently to ask Paul, “Do you collect anything and if so, what?”

We spoke with Paul shortly after Christmas to find out. He replied, “Thanks for your question, Jacob. Do I collect anything? Besides dust?! I don’t collect records or anything. I suppose no, I don’t really.” (Someone in the room suggests ‘grandchildren’, which raises a smile!) "As far as collect? No, but I love horses and have a few. That’s the nearest I come to collecting anything!”

So there you have it, surprisingly no huge record collection and no cupboards full of books or stamps!

Let us know if you collect anything in the comments below…