'You Gave Me The Answer' – Jay from California asks…


March has been a very arts-orientated month here at PaulMcCartney.com with the launch of a 3D printable Paul (yes, you read that correctly!) and the brand new feature ‘Paintings On The Wall’; an online art forum created by Paul, discussing the works of some of his favourite artists.

We published the first article of the series earlier this month focusing on Belgian surrealist René Magritte.

Jay from California has been in touch to ask a question that we thought tied in nicely with the launch of Paul’s new art forum. He asks:

"Paul, who is your favourite painter?"

We caught up with Paul during his recent visit to the office to discuss the second painter to feature in the next ‘Paintings On The Wall’ (coming soon!).

Paul answered:

"Thank you for your question, Jay. I don’t have one, I have a group of people whose pictures I like a lot and that would be Magritte, de Kooning, Rembrandt, and quite a few others. There’s a lot of really great painters, but I'd choose those as some of my favourites.”

Read the piece on René Magritte by clicking HERE! then let us know what you think of his work, or share your favourite painter with us in the comments below…

You can also read all about the 3D printable Paul HERE!