'You Gave Me The Answer' – Paul from Canada asks…


Lots of people have speculated over this month’s question for ‘You Gave Me The Answer’. We were also curious to shed some light onto this ourselves.

There’s nothing more satisfying than getting stuck into a really good autobiography. Reading the memoirs of famous musicians, celebrities, campaigners, politicians, indeed anybody whose life intrigues you, can be a wonderfully enriching experience.

Paul from Canada has been in touch to ask what many have wondered. He asks:

"Will you ever write your autobiography?"

Paul has, of course, worked with Barry Miles on the biography 'Many Years From Now', but would he ever put pen to paper himself? We caught up with him following his recent GRAMMYs appearance to find out:
 "My feeling is that there have been enough books on me done already. But from time to time I do think of certain little memories that are not published in any books so, who knows. If I ever find the time it could possibly happen. But I think you can guess from my answer that I’m not in any hurry to be doing it…!”

Working with Paul as closely we do, we know how busy his diary is so finding any 'free time' could be quite the task! We hope you’re not too disappointed, but never say never. Perhaps not one for your Christmas list this year though…

Whose autobiographies have you enjoyed reading? Let us know in the comments below…