‘You Gave Me The Answer’ – John from the US asks…


With the release of the reissue of Paul’s classic album Flowers In The Dirt nearly upon us (25 days to go – we’re counting down!) together with Paul, we’ve been digging into the album, and boy do we have some exciting treats in store coming to PaulMcCartney.com over the next few weeks!

We caught up with Paul during his last London visit to delve a little deeper into some of the stories behind those wonderful tracks. John from the US got in touch to find out more about the song ‘Put It There’…

“Is the song ‘Put It There’ about your father, brother and you, or is it about your relationship with your children?”

Paul said, “Thanks for your question, John. The song was originally inspired by my dad who used the expression regularly. ‘Put it there, if it weighs a ton,’ he would say. Growing up I heard this expression a lot when he was shaking hands with anyone! So I have an affection for the phrase. When we were doing the video I explained this to the filmmakers, and so it really is to do with me and my dad. But then the next generation is me and my kids. So it’s to do with family. It’s to do with parents and kids. Or just anyone who wants to shake hands.” 
We love finding out where Paul took inspiration from when he’s writing his songs – each time we learn something new, it’s like hearing the track for the first time again!

Do you have any expressions you learnt when you were a child? Let us know in the comments below…

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