'You Gave Me The Answer’ - Louisa from the US asks…

'You Gave Me The Answer’

We love January in London. Of course, there are always two sides to every coin and we think the best thing about cold, short days is that we have the perfect excuse to stay in and cosy up with a book / album / film [delete as appropriate!].

If, like us, you have found that spending more time than usual with your loved ones over the holiday season also seems to result in more time spent in front of the telly, you are not alone! In fact, this month’s question has sparked a huge office debate over the ultimate TV programme! And if you thought those kinds of important discussions were off limits to someone like Paul… well, think again!

Louisa from the US got in touch to ask Paul:

“What are your favourite American television shows of all time?”

Paul: “Thanks for your question, Louisa. Well, you know it depends what genre. I mean, if it’s a series then I liked ‘Breaking Bad’ a lot. And then game shows? I like ‘Family Fortunes!’" (AKA ‘Family Feud’ in the US!)

PM.com: “We’ve seen you watching that on tour!”

Paul: _“I nearly always have that on in the dressing room before a show because you don’t have to think too hard and it’s not depressing. You know, whereas if you’ve got the news channel something could come on that can makes me think, ‘Oh, my God!’ And then you’ve got to try and do a show!

“So, I like Steve Harvey in America doing ‘Family Fortunes’. I just like guessing at, you know [does impression] ‘100 men, were asked what…’ And I like trying to get the top answer! I just think it’s a fun show, you know. So that’s nice and light. And then as I say, series probably ‘Breaking Bad’ and I like ‘Veep’, with Julia Louis-Dreyfus. She’s very funny and I think it’s a hilarious look at her being the Vice President. It’s very like the British series ‘The Thick of It’.”_

Do you share Paul’s TV taste?! We’d love to hear what your favourite TV shows are in the comments below…