You Gave Me The Answer – Luiz Antonio in Brazil Asks...


Each month Paul answers questions from his fans for the feature 'You Gave Me The Answer' - an excellent track from the Wings album Venus and Mars, and we love the article's play on the song title (even if we do say so ourselves!).

The recent release of Paul’s Pure McCartney album has got us looking back and remembering what we thought a track might really "mean" and, indeed, for some of us it’s been like hearing some songs for the very first time. We've also loved re-experiencing some of the songs through other’s ears, as we relate new and different experiences to the lyrics - for example, read last month’s ‘You Gave Me The Answer’.

This month’s question comes from Luiz Antonio in Brazil who asks:"'Listen To What The Man Said' is a wonderful song. Who is the man someone should listen to?"

To find out Paul's answer we spoke with him before he went back out on the road for his recent 'One On One' North American leg. He answered:

"Thank you for your question, Luiz. There are many answers to 'Who is the man?' In one way, you could say the man would be as the expression – 'You’re the man!' Another way to look at it is that every religion has a leader who they consider to be 'the man'. And his teachings are generally very positive. I like the idea that I leave it to the people to decide who, in their minds, is the man…"

We have our own idea of ‘who’ the man is - so why not let us know what you think in the comments below...