‘You Gave Me The Answer’ – Melissa from Australia Asks...

Photo of Linda McCartney

We've all been busy here in the office Instagramming our summers, sharing some of our favourite memories from our holiday travels. We love how a photo can show so much in one image - happiness, a beautiful view, friends and family. So with that in mind, we loved finding out the answer to Melissa's question this month!

Melissa asks: “Of all of the photographs that you have taken, which is your favourite?”

Paul replied…

“That I’ve taken? [pauses to think] Hmmm, it’s probably the one of Linda on the cover of ‘Wide Prairie’. It’s a really nice picture of her wearing the Fair Isle sweater.”

For fans less familiar with Wide Prairie - a posthumous solo album from Linda McCartney - it was compiled and produced by Paul, who also sings backing vocals and plays a variety of instruments. The album provides a personal glimpse into the varied aspects of Linda, from ‘Cow’ and ‘The White Coated Man’, where she stands up for animal rights, to the fun feel of her reggae-inspired ‘Seaside Woman’.

Listen to clips from the album HERE and check out the official Instagram account of Linda’s photographs HERE!