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Photo of Paul used for 'You Gave Me The Answer' Q&A feature

Everyone loves having a secret talent (although we're often too shy to show off the amazing party tricks we've got up our sleeves!). Here in the office some of us can juggle (just like the MPL logo), others can dance the Macca-rena to any song, and (the prize winner) one of us can freestyle a rap about llamas! This got us thinking, we know Paul is a man of many talents, but are there any skills he might have been hiding from us? We'd already heard whispers that he can do impressive yoga poses, so we had to ask him if the rumours were true... We've heard that you can do headstands. Are there any skills that you're proud of that fans might not be aware of? And, is the headstand thing true?

Paul: Oh yeah, I'll show you! Come on, I've already done it today at the gym... [Paul does the headstand] YEAH! Come on! I've often thought about videoing it and singing a song upside down! That is seriously impressive!

Paul: It's just an old trick I learnt... Thank you so much for showing us your headstand, some of us are keen yogis and haven't mastered it yet.

Paul: I can show you how to do it. You need to bring your hands together and interlock the fingers. And your elbows and hands should form a triangle. Put your head in there and then you just walk up slowly untill you get to a pivot point. From there, you crouch and straighten your body out, remembering where your head and triangle is. So, that's a yes to the headstand then!

Paul: That's a yes to the headstand! To any other things? The one that came to mind was horse riding. A lot of people might not know that I enjoy horse riding a lot and I have my own Appaloosa horse... Do you get to ride much?

Paul: Yeah, that is still very much something I love to do because it is the complete opposite of touring. It proabably tends to be me out in the woods, on my own, on a western saddle, on an Appaloosa! You ride western?

Paul: Yeah, there you go - there's another skill!

So, not only has Paul written some of our favourite songs, he has mastered the headstand and loves to relax whilst riding western. Let us know if you have any hidden talents in the comments below…

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