Free Download: ‘Back On My Feet (Demo)’

Free Download: ‘Back On My Feet (Demo)’

Over the past months Paul has been re-telling the story behind the 1989 album Flowers In The Dirt, his number 1 album featuring four songs co-written with Elvis. Much of the story focussed on the demos Paul and Elvis wrote together, with Paul saying about the experience, “The great thing was, once we were finished, we could go right downstairs into the studio itself - because we wrote in my office above the studio - and we’d go right downstairs into the studio the minute we’d finished it. Five minutes later we’d recorded it. Talk about fresh! That was ‘hot off the skillet’.”

The reissue has received rave reviews with many focussed on how great and timeless the acoustic demos sound… But what the story has yet not really touched on is that Flowers In The Dirt wasn’t the first time the public heard the results of these songwriting sessions!

The Deluxe Edition reissue of Flowers In The Dirt includes a 112-page essay book telling how Paul and Elvis first started writing together back in 1987, two years before the album’s release. Indeed, the very first time the public heard anything from their collaboration was on the lesser known tune, ‘Back On My Feet’, which featured as the B-side for Paul’s 1987 single ‘Once Upon A Long Ago’, a release promoting his ‘All The Best!’ compilation. 

And today, to bring the story full circle, we’re pleased to announce the first play of the demo for ‘Back On My Feet’. The song – a co-write between Paul and Elvis – tells the story of a man down on his luck, but ending on a hopeful note: “Give me your hand, til I’m back on my feet”.

Listen to the demo below:

This previously unheard demo is available to download for free from

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