Paul - Japan Q&A

Paul - Japan Q&A

Paul was met by thousands of excited Japanese fans on Saturday 9th November after he flew into Osaka for his first tour of Japan in 11 years.

Paul's "Out There" tour will see him performing to fans in Osaka, Fukuoka and Tokyo over the next two weeks.

To mark this special occasion recently sat down with Paul to do a Q&A about Japan, including questions from Japanese fans. We will publish these below over the next couple of weeks in both English and Japanese...

"What are your favourite memories of Japan?"

"Some of my favourite memories are staying at a traditional Japanese hotel in Kyoto, sleeping on the floor and then sitting around by the open fire in the morning. Also playing to fantastic Japanese audiences!"


"What is your favourite Japanese food?"

"Having been vegetarian for many years, in support of animals rights and the environment, my favourite Japanese food is vegetarian sushi with avocado and cucumber."


What are your favourite places in Japan?

"Although I don’t know all of Japan two of my favourite places are Tokyo and Kyoto. Tokyo has a modern city vibe which I always find exciting and Kyoto has the historical ancient traditions of Japanese culture which is interesting to people like myself."


(Japanese Fan Question submitted via 'You Gave Me The Answer')
Mika asks:
“What is your favourite type of tea?”
ポールへの質問 「どんなお茶が好きですか?」(ミカさん・日本)

"I have two favourite types of tea; English Breakfast tea if I’m in the mood for a traditional British ‘cuppa’, or green tea that I like to take not quite as strong as many Japanese people take it. I find it light and refreshing."
ポールの回答 「好きなお茶は二種類。伝統的なイギリスの”一杯”って気分の時はイングリッシュ・ブレックファスト・ティー。日本の人達ほど濃くして飲まないけど、緑茶も大好き。軽くて、リフレッシュした気分になる。」


(Japanese Fan Question submitted via 'You Gave Me The Answer')
Fuminori asks:
"Do you think that singing your songs is a good way for me to learn English?"
ポールへの質問 「あなたの歌を歌うと英語が上達すると思いますか?」(フミノリさん・日本)

"I think that it is definitely a good way. Many people all over the world, for instance Russia and South America, learn English by listening to our music and finding out what the lyrics mean."
ポールの回答 「絶対にいい方法だと思う。世界中の人達、例えばロシアや南米では、僕達の音楽を聞いて、歌詞の意味を調べたりして英語を学んでいる。」


Check next week's 'You Gave Me The Answer' for one more Japan Q&A with Paul.

If you saw Paul during his tour of Japan please let us know in the comments below…

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